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How does it work?

Since 2015 the team at Clued Up Kids have worked with senior educationalists to develop and deliver engaging and stimulating workshops that explore student’s knowledge and opinions on issues that affect their health, safety, and wellbeing.

We now introduce ‘Opinionator’. This is downloadable as an app and has been designed to anonymously gather the opinions of staff, parents, and pupils.

Clued Up Kids

Data at your fingertips

Every aspect of this data-centric approach is aligned to the guidelines and requirements of Ofsted. Opinionator, is offered on a twelve-month licence and can be used each term. This allows a Senior Leadership Team to use the base line data as a means of measuring progress through direct or attitudinal change.

Content and questions will be updated at the beginning of each term based on Ofsted updates and significant environmental and lifestyle changes.

Clued Up Kids provide support in the interpretation of data and assist with, School to Home communications, marketing and IT support.



Opinionator can be accessed and used in class or out of school. Questions will cover topics such as; healthy eating, bullying, bedtime routine, social media habits, relationships, emotions, homophobia and much more.

Parents & Carers

Opinionator gives this set of stakeholders the chance to answer a set of questions that will give a Senior Leadership Team valuable insight into their views, concerns and offer information that can assist the school in future marketing activity.


Accessible to both teaching and non-teaching staff within your school. Opinionator will gather details from a series of multiple-choice questions relating to; workload, work live balance and relationship with a Senior Leadership Team.


Support your students as they make their journey into their new school life. This module can be used in collaboration across all schools and tiers to ensure that students and parents are getting the best experience possible. We have found this data invaluable to all stakeholders involved in this process.

Governance & Community

Our bespoke Governance and Community Opinionator module is designed for regular feedback from both of these vital parties. In particular we have been praised by Headteachers and SLT for the honest and anonymous data often not seen during traditional discussion forums.


What You Get


Accessible on any device. You can deploy Opinionator as you wish with full control.

Data Dashboard

Review all of your key results in real time on your own bespoke analytics dashboard.

Regular Support

From initial setup to consistent evaluation we’ll be there with guidance and knowledge.


Our plans are flexible for you to choose what data you really need.

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